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At the heart of every memorable barbecue experience is the quality of the charcoal used. As a leading BBQ charcoal manufacturer, our mission at is to provide top-tier charcoal products that elevate every grilling session into a gourmet adventure. Our focus on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the barbecue industry.

The Art of Crafting Premium BBQ Charcoal

  • Selecting Prime Materials: Our journey begins with the careful selection of the finest woods and coconut shells, chosen for their ability to produce high-quality charcoal.
  • Expert Charcoal Processing: Through a meticulous carbonization process, we transform these natural materials into charcoal that offers superior burning properties – perfect for BBQ.
  • Quality Control: Each batch of charcoal undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our high standards for heat output, burn time, and minimal ash production.

Sustainable Practices in Charcoal Manufacturing

  • Eco-Friendly Sourcing: We are committed to environmentally responsible sourcing practices, ensuring that our charcoal production contributes to sustainability.
  • Reducing Environmental Impact: Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize waste and reduce our ecological footprint, aligning with global environmental conservation efforts.

Applications: Beyond Just Grilling

  • Versatile in Use: While our charcoal is ideal for barbecuing, its consistent quality makes it suitable for various other applications, including smoking meats and outdoor cooking.
  • Commercial and Retail Opportunities: Our charcoal products are not only popular among individual BBQ enthusiasts but are also sought after by restaurants, caterers, and retail businesses.

Why Stands Out

  • Customer-Centric Approach: We understand that each customer has unique needs, which is why we offer tailored solutions, from packaging to charcoal types.
  • Global Reach: Our presence in international markets is a testament to the trust and reliability we have built with our customers worldwide.
  • Innovation and Improvement: We continuously invest in research and development to improve our products and adapt to changing market demands and trends.

As a premier BBQ charcoal manufacturer, is committed to providing the best in barbecue charcoal. Our products are not just fuel for grilling; they are an essential ingredient for creating unforgettable culinary experiences. Explore our range of charcoal products and let us be a part of your barbecue journey.

Indonesia Charcoal

INDONESIA CHARCOAL (Group of CV Mutiara Hitam Jaya Mulya and CV Wana Lestari Mandiri) is a manufacturer and exporter of 100% coconut shell charcoal briquettes from Indonesia. We specialize in producing high-quality, sustainable charcoal briquettes for shisha / hookah use. Our products are the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the delicious flavors of Hookah and shisha with a healthy smoky flavor.

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